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Colos offers one of the largest selection of new and used shipping containers for sale. We supply all types of shipping containers, ranging from standard 20ft, 40ft, and 40HC to special equipments, with an option of new and used conditions: One Trip, Cargo Worthy, Wind and water-tight, and ASIS.
With over 10 years experience in shipping container industry, we are proud to say we have the ability to provide reliable and quality equipments and service with competitive price. Call our expert team today or request a quote with just a few clicks!

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It is always a huge challenge to figure out how to find and purchase affordable shipping containers even when you are an experienced buyer. For the first-time buyers, it is almost impossible. There is no resource you can easily check the stocks or prices online.
The shipping container industry is fragmented with hundreds of dealers, distributors, resellers, and middlemen and price are different in each of them for the units with the exact same condition and size. The worst part is that the price and availability of shipping containers fluctuate up and down everyday. An used 20ft container was priced at $3,800 last week and it went up to $5,200 this week. Unless you are working in the industry and track the prices everyday, it will be extremely difficult to know what will be the reasonable price to pay for the containers.

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We provide the widest selection of high quality storages, including new and used shipping containers and working and non-working reefer container units.

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At Colos, we deeply understand the problem that buying a shipping container is never easy and try our best to help our customers to experience the better buying experience for shipping containers. We believe price transparency is essential to a competitive, well-functioning shipping container market and provide the unique opportunity; as we work directly with intermodal shipping comapnies and equpment providers, we supply the container units to both corporations and individuals at wholesale prices. We also provide free access to our real-time inventory and pricing.


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Cargo Worthy vs WWT

When you buy used shipping containers, the difference in the used container conditions is not very obvious. There are three different conditions: ASIS (As is, where is), Cargo Worthy, and Wind and water-tight. ASIS units may be more obvious as it means the unit is fully depreciated and there are usually holes or damages. CW and WWT conditions are where the blurred lines begin; WWT units can look just like CW units visually. Other than a dent deeper than allowed by guidelines provided by IICL (International Institute of Container Lessors), they are both 10-15 years used and have rust, dents, scratches, etc. You won’t know the difference unless a surveyor tells you about it for most of times. Sometimes, WWT units are considered as CW units for some, and vice versa. However, there is a clear line between them. As the prices can be few hundreds dollars different, it is crucial to understand what the difference between two conditions are and know which condition you need. Here is some information to help you:

Cargo Worthy

Cargo Worthy containerCargo Worthy containers literally means it can ship cargo. If you buy shipping container boxes to ship your product or cargo overseas, you will need a CW shipping container and get an inspection from a marine/maritime surveyor. The surveyor will ensure that the unit meets the CSC (International Convention for Safe Containers) requirements for shipping and, if passing, this will issue the owner of the container a certificate stating that the unit is seaworthy or Cargo Worthy. This document is required by the port authority before getting loaded on a vessel and shipped as they need to maintain certain structural standards as they are required to be stacked on a vessel for transport.
If you need high quality used containers, CW is the safest option as they generally have the higher quality than the others.

Wind and water-tight

WWT containerUnlike CW, WWT means that a container might have some patches or repairs from shipping. They don’t have leaks or holes but the containers are not allowed to be shipped overseas as they don’t meet the CSC requirements.  Still, WWT containers are sufficient to store items and these are often purchased to be storage units.
If you are looking for shipping containers to use them as storage boxes, I will recommend you to buy WWT containers to save your money as the price difference is significant.


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